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Handling FAQ’s

What are FAQs?

Frequently Asked Questions are a set of predefined questions, that can be used to answer the commonly asked questions by the visitors. If an FAQ is asked by a visitor and it matches an existing question; your bot will choose a response from the list of answers provided and respond to the query of your visitor.    

You can access the FAQs page from your dashboard.

Customizing Small Talk for your Verloop Bot

Small talk is a random chat that your visitor might want to pick up with your bot. You can simply create a few templates for your bot to use when a random conversation is initiated. Verloop has created a number of groups for you. Each group has a set of well-thought questions with a list of answers for them. Depending on your requirements you can add more questions or answers under various groups; or add new groups altogether.

How to add new FAQ categories in your Verloop account

You can add multiple new categories to your FAQs and setup unlimited question and answers on it.

What are categories and how to create a new one?

Your FAQs can have multiple categories, which will have different groups of questions inside them.

FAQ Create new category (top right corner) → Choose a name for the new category Create

What are groups and how to create them?

You can create multiple groups under a category. Each group deals with a particular query. The group will include multiple questions inside them, which could be asked several different ways, but will have a similar answer to them.

Create new group Choose a name for your group Add multiple questions that the visitors might ask under the particular group Add multiple answers that might suit the questions

Best Practices to setup your FAQ’s

There are a few tips that will help you in creating the best FAQ framework for your organization and help your customers make the optimal use of them.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor
  • Write multiple questions under a group; so that any number of queries can be answered by your bot, even if they are asked in various different forms.
  • Don’t put the same question sentence in different groups. If you do this, the bot gets confused as there are two different answer to the same question and wont be able to predict the right answer to the question.

What is a confidence threshold and how it affects your chatbot?

The AI backend of Verloop is designed in such a manner whereinthe bot decides whether to answer a question or pass it on to a human, based on the FAQ confidence threshold set by you.

How does the threshold work?

The bot answers a query/ FAQ based on its confidence level (set by you).

If the threshold is set on a very high level, then the bot won’t answer any question apart from the ones that are exactly the same as mentioned in the FAQ.

If the threshold is set on a very low level, then the bot will answer almost all the questions and thus, may end up giving wrong answers.

Faq Confidence Level

Disable the FAQ functionality of your Verloop account

If you don’t want your bot to answer any query/FAQ, simply disable the FAQ switch.

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