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How to export data from Verloop recipes

Verloop is the best conversational platform out there that can do lead generation and qualification for you 24×7. Once you have captured the lead, you might want to use that data in your existing CRMs for further analysis and action.

There are three ways to export your data about your customers from Verloop recipes to other CRMs. Only one of these three options can be enabled at any point in time.

Export Via Email

This is the most simple method of all the export options. If you get less than 20-30 users per day on your Verloop bot, this method would be the right choice for you.

At the end of the conversation with the customer, Verloop sends an email to your email ID. This email will have all the details given by the customer in that conversation like Name, Email, Phone Number. This will also have a link to the conversation so that you can take a look at what exactly happened.

You can set the email on which you want to receive the mail. In the Export Data section of your recipe, select Email and enter your email and hit enter.

Export via Email
Export via Email

And here is a sample email you get on your email id.

Export Data - Sample Email
Export Data – Sample Email

Export Via Webhook

This option will send a POST request to a url of your choice. You will need to some programming at your end to extract data from this POST request and save it.

You can set the URL to be used for receiving webhook. In the Export Data section of your recipe, select Webhook and configure the webhook URL. We strongly suggest using HTTPS scheme and adding a basic auth token to make the webhook secure.

Export Data via Webhook
Export Data via Webhook

And here is sample of the data provided by the webhook. The webhook will have details of all the variables of that recipe.

    "name": "John Jacobs", 
    "email": "john.jacobs.7583675@gmail.com", 
    "query": "I want to know if I can cancel subscription if I don't like your product", 
    "pincode": "560075",
    "verloop_timestamp": "05:32:39AM, 24 Apr 2018", 
    "verloop_chat_link": "https://ultimatecompany.verloop.io/live/4"

Export Via Zapier

Verloop also supports exporting data directly to your CRMs via Zapier. Since this has a slightly longer setup process, we have a dedicated article for that. You can also watch this video which explains the whole process.

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