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How to Reset Your Verloop Password

Logged out of your agent dashboard? No worries, getting back in is just a two-step process.

Visit the link that you usually log in from. This is usually <yourcompanyname>.verloop.io. Once there, hit the “forgot password?” button (refer the image below)

From your agent log-in, hit the forgot password button.

This takes you to a reset password field. Simply enter your Verloop account associated email ID and hit “reset password”. You’ll now receive an email.

Enter your email ID associated with your Verloop account. Hit Reset Password.

Open the email titled “Password Reset Link”. It should look like the image below. Hit one of the links you see and you’ll be able to create a new password.

You’ll receive a password reset email immediately after. Tap on the link.

Type your new password and then once more as confirmation. Hit reset password and you’re done!

Enter your new password and hit the Reset Password button.

Simply log in with your new password and you can now login to your account.

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