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Introduction to Verloop Recipes

To make adding questions and creating conversations with customers easy, the Verloop team created an easy-to-use interface called a ‘Recipe’. Verloop’s Recipe is a set of questions or conversations, through which you can achieve specific goals that you aim at achieving.

These conversations, once designed, can operate without any human intervention, and help in converting the visitors of your website to a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL).

With Verloop’s Recipes, you can segregate, convert, filter and engage your potential leads. Feel relaxed, in the knowledge that you aren’t losing any leads.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Let go of the old systems that expected you and your teams to be at your desk day in and day-out.

With Verloop Recipes, your bot you will be able to answer and connect with the potential leads that would have otherwise been lost in your sales funnel. The bot interacts with your visitors, to convert them into leads. The bot then asks your leads a few questions, and if it qualifies the lead to be hot, it routes him/her to a member of your team who takes it from there. This way, your team spends less time mindlessly qualifying leads but instead works to build a better relationship with potential customers.

Right message, to the right people, at the right time

There are probably hundreds of leads who visit your website every day but fail to get converted because you couldn’t interact with them. Verloop enables you to proactively converse with the visitors using announcements and pop-ups. This helps you in sending the perfect message at the perfect time, to the perfect person.

The visitors can be targeted based on the pages they visit, the amount of time they spend on particular pages, and other such behaviors. Verloop’s Bots are also endlessly scalable, so you can target multiple people at the same time.  

Recipe Sample
Recipe Sample

To get you started, here is a video which shows how to build a simple lead generation recipe.


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