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All customers are created equal, but some customers are created more equal than others. Are you worried about losing your hold on important prospects and valuable chats with your customers? Fret no more, with the magic of tags.

‘Chat Tags’ are labels you add to chat sessions to help you categorize and sort your website’s chat sessions. Agents select tags from an administrator-defined list (e.g., sales/ support/ feedback and so on) and add them to chat sessions they’re serving according to their convenience.

Use Tags in Livechat
Use Tags in Livechat

How does tagging your conversation work?

  • While chatting with a customer the agent can put a tag on the conversation
  • So next time an agent wants to directly go/review a relevant category that they want.

So, worry no more, chat on.

How to configure tags in Verloop

If you’d like to add new tags or customize them according to your requirements, just follow these simple steps-

  • Go to Settings → Tags → New Tag (right top corner)
  • You can give the new tag a name and a color
Create Tag
Create Tag

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