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Manage Triggers

Triggers are customizable actions that are set up to certain customer stimuli i.e. you can get your bot to behave differently around different customers. Triggers help you customize the bot and activate it to follow some particular “recipe”.

Triggers help you consolidate and win the attention of potential clients. A trigger can be set for a variety of actions or customer behaviors, like:

    • A predetermined activity by a visitor on your website, like if a visitor has spent more than a minute on your price page, he might be looking for a more flexible plan.

How to configure triggers for your Verloop chat

  • Goto Settings→ Triggers→ Edit
  • To create a trigger, first, assign your trigger a name and a page URL where you’d like to deploy the trigger.
  • Set the amount of time after which you’d like the trigger to be deployed (in seconds)
  • Assign the chat to an agent and select a “recipe” to follow
Set Trigger
Set Trigger

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