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Name, Email and Phone Blocks in your Recipe Builder

Verloop provides you a few default blocks, which includes certain defacto information like your customers’ name, email and phone number. Based on your industry and how you want to take up a conversation, you can modify these blocks or delete them. 

As we mentioned in the ‘How to Start’ section of Best practices for building a Verloop Recipe, try to make the questions catchy and engaging so that your visitor is persuaded to take up the conversation.

There are certain details that you’d like for your customer to answer, no ‘if’s and/or ‘but’s. Things like their email address (recommended), name or other such information.

In such an instance, you can make the particular question mandatory by ticking the box in the advanced options, right under your question.

You can also draft a response to further convince your customer about your need for the details if they’re being evasive about it.


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