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Security at Verloop

Verloop cares about you and your data, so your security is our utmost priority. We know how important your data is for you, so we leave no stone unturned. Our engineers at Verloop consistently go the extra mile to ensure the security of your data.

We believe that your security should never be just a one-time event, but instead an unfaltering and persistent process. We stay true to this by keeping a regular audit and updating our processes from time to time. To ensure that we never compromise on your security in any form, Verloop uses SSL to make sure that all the connections are secure.

Storing passwords

You brainstormed long and hard to come up with a unique password, but you’re still worried about it being discovered by someone. Worry no more. In Verloop, your password is never stored in plain text, they are salted and then hashed before it even gets stored. So you can be assured of complete protection from every direction.

What more? We also plan on implementing two-factor authentication, very soon. (a security code is sent to the mobile device and used as the ultimate access phrase.)

We care.


We use the certified industry standards- HTTPS/SS- and thus, all of the communication with Verloop is encrypted.

The payment info

We understand your concern when it comes to matters involving money and payments. At Verloop, we make sure that your payment information isn’t directly stored, even on our servers. This ensures the security of your data while assuring your customers of the same.

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