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Using Verloop Livechat in WordPress

Verloop integrates with your WordPress site in less than four clicks.

With Verloop, you can actively engage with your potential customers when they’re on your site, making the sales process more natural and conversational.

Follow the steps below and you can integrate Verloop on your website, code-free.

Download WordPress plugin

PlugIn for Verloop

Download the files from the above link, you’ll use them in the installation process.

Install in WordPress

From your WordPress page, go to ‘Plugin’. Once there, click ‘Add New’ and upload the file you just downloaded. Install it after the upload is complete.

Connect to Verloop Account

Once you’ve installed the Verloop plugin, go to the Settings section on your WordPress page. If installed correctly, there should be a section called ‘Verloop’ in the drop-down menu.


Connect to Verloop Account
Connect to Verloop Account


Click on ‘Verloop’ and input your Workspace/Team name into the field.

Hit activate, and you’re now ready to be there for your customers whenever they need you!

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