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Announcing CSAT on Whatsapp and Facebook

Now, Verloop.io supports collecting CSAT on Whatsapp and Facebook. Be it any channel, you can know how your customers liked your service.

Why collect feedback after every service?

Customers today are most likely to come back only if they like your service. Hence, to monitor this, we collect CSAT which is the customer satisfaction score, given by a customer based on their satisfaction after a service has been offered by your agents.

Channels like Whatsapp and Facebook do not have inherent chat rooms. All they have is a chat thread where all the conversations happen without marking a clear ending for a chat. That is, there is no concept of closing chats on Whatsapp or Facebook. Hence, collecting feedback from customers has never been legitimately doable through Whatsapp/Facebook chats.

With Verloop.io, bring the experience of enabling customers to give feedback with the type of channel being no barrier.

A few things you can do

#1 —  Keep up your CSAT game even on channels like Whatsapp and Facebook.

#2 — Get to know how your customers liked your service just by glancing through your dashboard. 

#3 — Hear your customers out. Allow them to leave subjective feedback. 

#4 — Do all of this without disturbing the look and feel of your brand. Personalize your brand logos and color on the feedback page.

So how does it work?

  • After a ticket has been closed, the customer receives a link like the one below on Whatsapp.
  • Customers can click the link and get redirected to the feedback page right away.
  • On the feedback page, customers can select any of the given emojis based on their experience with your support agent.
  • Interested customers can also leave a comment on the feedback box available at the bottom.
  • If customers give feedback, the data is collected and is reflected on your CSAT widget in the dashboard.
  • If customers ignore the link or forget to respond after clicking it, no data reflects on your CSAT widget in the dashboard.

To know more, contact support@verloop.io
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