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Account Statuses

This page describes the different statuses in the Verloop.io Portal while activating your WhatsApp Business Account.

Folder Layout

Each folder in the Verloop.io Portal is connected to one WhatsApp phone number.

By clicking the “All Numbers” button,  you can view all of the statuses of the WhatsApp Business Account and the phone number.

The folder is divided into three sections that can be seen in the image below:

External WABA Account:

Once your company’s account has been submitted to Meta, the status of the External WhatsApp Business Account (WABA Account) will transition from DRAFT (grey) to DONE (green).

Messaging On Behalf:

After submitting the External WABA Account and External WABA Channel, you will receive a notification from your Business Manager requesting permission for Verloop.io to send messages on your behalf. 

The potential status states are:






The Message On Behalf (MOB) request has not yet been sent.

Phone Number Status

The Phone Number section displays statuses related to the activation status of a specific phone number that you want to connect to WhatsApp. This information must be completed for every new phone number you wish to add to your account.

Display Name 

Once your WhatsApp Business display name is approved, it will appear as your business name when you message your customers. You can change your display name after it has been approved.

You will see a green tick next to your display name if you have an OBA.

To change your Display Name, visit Verify your business in Business settings

Following are the statuses for your Display Name Status 


Your chosen Display Name is still pending approval.


Your number has been created in Verloop.io but has not yet been submitted to Meta. Please contact support if your number gets stuck in this status.


Your Display Name has successfully been approved.


Your phone number is now ready for registration.


Your Display Name has been rejected, or we have encountered another issue, such as an existing WhatsApp account connected to your phone number. Please contact us at Help and Support for assistance.


Number Registration (?)

Once all other statuses are shown in green (Approved/Accepted/Verified/Done/etc.), you can register your number and go live. Find more information on Number Registration on our Account Setup page. The possible states for Number Registration are:


Your WhatsApp API Client was running, but it is now removed. Please contact support if your number gets stuck in this status.


Your WhatsApp API Client was created in Verloop.io but has not yet been submitted for registration. Please contact support if your number gets stuck in this status.

Registration Ready

Your WhatsApp API Client is ready for registration in Verloop.io.

Registration Triggered:

Your WhatsApp API Client is ready for registration in Verloop.io and the OTP has been triggered.

Ready to Finalise

The PIN has been verified and is correct.


Your WhatsApp API Client has been successfully registered. You can now generate an API KEY to start using the service.

WhatsApp Business API Client:  Running

When the status is shown as “Running” in green, it means that the phone number is registered and the WhatsApp Business API Client is active. At this point, you can generate an API Key and start using the WA Business API. This is the final status and confirms that the setup process is complete.

Webhooks Setup 

Whatsapp Business Phone Number

Phone Number (display_phone_number) – International format representation of the phone number

Operating Status (status) The operating status of the phone number (e.g. connected, rate limited, warned)

{PENDING, DELETED, MIGRATED, BANNED, RESTRICTED, RATE_LIMITED, FLAGGED, CONNECTED. The status of the review of the new name requested

Whatsapp display name (verified_name) The name registered in this phone’s business profile will be displayed to customers.

Note: This is slightly misnamed now that names that have yet to be verified can be registered

Status (name_status) – The status of the name review

Associated to the Official Business Account (is_official_business_account) – Indicates if the phone number is associated with an Official Business Account.

Messaging limit (messaging_limit_tier) – Current messaging limit tier

Quality rating (quality_rating)

Code Verification status code (code_verification_status)

2-Step Verification Pin status  (is_pin_enabled) – Returns True if a pin for two-step verification is enabled.

Phone number ID (id) – ID 

Whatsapp Business Account

WABA name (name) – User-friendly name to differentiate WhatsApp Business Accounts

Status account_review_status – Status from the account review process.

Message on behalf name (on_behalf_of_business_info) – The “on behalf of” information for the WhatsApp Business Account

TImezone (timezone_id) – The timezone of the WhatsApp Business Account

Status account_review_status – Status from the account review process.


Updated on May 25, 2023

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