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Conversation Types Pricing

Pricing is first divided into the following two categories, based on who initiated the conversation


When a user sends a message, it triggers a conversation, and any subsequent responses from the business within the 24-hour customer service window will be linked to the original user-initiated conversation. Within this timeframe, businesses can send messages in any format without charge.

Business Initiated

When a business sends a message to a user outside of the 24-hour customer service window, it triggers a business-initiated conversation that requires a message template.

WhatsApp has further divided conversations into types:

Free-Tier Conversations

Your business can create delightful experiences for your customers without paying anything for the first 1,000 conversations every month. Each WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is entitled to this free tier, which applies to both user-initiated and business-initiated conversations. Even if a WABA has multiple numbers associated with it, the free tier limit remains at 1,000, as it is calculated at the WABA level. The free tier is renewed every month according to the WABA’s time zone.

Free Entry Points Conversations

Users who message businesses via call-to-action buttons in Ads that Click on WhatsApp or Facebook Page call-to-action buttons on Android or iOS devices do not incur any charges for the conversations. These free entry-point conversations, which can only be initiated by the user, last for 72 hours. However, any subsequent conversations between the same user and business that are not initiated from a free entry point will be billed.

Updated on April 12, 2023

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