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Getting Started with Outreach via API

Outreach in simple words means reaching out to your customers through any medium. Reaching out to your prospects, potential business partners, influencers, and pretty much anybody you want to establish some kind of connection with can be pretty tricky. Hence Outreach is one of the ways to engage and communicate with end-users.

Start your Campaign

  1. Head to Outreach on your Verloop.io platform.
  2. Click on the ‘+ New Outreach’ button at the top right.
  1. Fill in the Name field to add a name to your campaign. 
  1. Under Tags, add appropriate tags to easily identify and differentiate the campaign from the others. 
  2. Channel is set as WhatsApp as default for now.
  3. Choose the Trigger type. There are two options to select from, (a) Via Excel (b) Via API. In this article, we will select Via API
  4. Trigger your WhatsApp campaign using an API at your will.
  5. Variables like campaign id, recipient phone number, name, content specific variables in your campaign are all handled using the API.
  6. API based triggers are helpful when you have a dynamic list of recipients and respective information to be sent whenever you feel the necessity.


  1. Sending out messages to customers after a successful purchase. or subscription renewal reminders.
  2. Sending out general information like new features or new offer alerts (not promotional) or shipment information/tracking details of purchased products.
  1. Select/Add the message. You can select one of the existing messages or add a new approved message. You will see a preview of your message on a mobile device. 
  1. Select the recipe to be triggered
    In this step, once the end-user interacts with your campaign, you can immediately trigger the next step to drive your user to take an action.
  1. Head to Action.
  2. Under Action, click Bot Recipe if you want the conversation to progress according to the recipe you already have in place. For this, Under Bot recipe, select the dropdown to choose the recipe that best works for your campaign.
  3. Before publishing the campaign, you can also test it by sending it to your test contacts. Review the message in the campaign once again and hit Test.
  1. Publish
Updated on December 27, 2022

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