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Test Messages through POSTMAN & WEBHOOK.SITE USAGE (API Trigger)

First of all please find the link for

  1. Postman: Postman – Sign In
    – Log in with your username and password or use your google (Official email ID)
    – Click on the workspace and select my workspace.
  1. Click on new and a screen would appear as shown in the image :
  1. Now click on the HTTP Request: See the image below those things has to be selected:
  1. The next image shows the code copied from the outreach which is published:
  1. Please see this image to know from where the code is copied:
  1. Click on Expand code at the bottom and then a code would appear. Copy the code from { symbol to last and paste it on the Postman which was shown in the above figure.
  2. Highlighted you can see the phone number which you can edit and keep for testing purposes
  1. The highlighted part is the callback URL which you can use from the webhook site. Just open the Webhook.site – Test, process and transform emails and HTTP requests and you will see a Unique URL just copy and paste it here.
  1. After this click on send at the bottom, and you will see the message ID is highlighted. Check your WhatsApp number. The campaign would have triggered.
  1. Find an example of a campaign triggered on WhatsApp:

This is what you can see on WhatsApp.

  1. The same attached image/pdf will be delivered to the users if the excel option is selected to trigger the outbound messages. 
  2. If API is selected, then the attached image/pdf will not be delivered by default, the client will have to add the public URL of the image/pdf while triggering the particular message. Below is the screenshot of the JSON body where the image/pdf doc URL must be added in case API is used:

Note: If you want to test using postman when you have created an outreach with the option as API then use the below URLs:

Image – https://dealmango.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Verloop-Premier-plan-lifetime-deal.jpeg

PDFs – https://en.unesco.org/inclusivepolicylab/sites/default/files/dummy-pdf_2.pdf

Updated on December 29, 2022

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