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Using Variables in Recipe

Analytics drives the world, especially in the field of marketing. You want actionable data that you can chew through and with that in mind, the Verloop team has given you the ability to create and track ‘variables’.

With every block you create, your bot has the ability to save the user’s answer as a variable. Creating a new variable is easy.

How to create new variables?

Variables (top right corner) → Create → Give your variable a name → choose the type of text you want to get stored (text, positive integer, email and so on) → Save

Using Variables in Recipe
Using Variables in Recipe


How to use a variable in a Question block?

  • Go to a Question block → Check Save User Response to a Variable Response → Choose Variable 
  • You can choose a variable under which you want the answer for the particular block to be saved

How to call on a variable during the recipe flow?

  • Say you’ve asked a customer for his name using the above step.

  • You’d maybe want to personalize a salutation or a question by addressing the customer by their name.
  • Verloop allows you to do this by calling on variables during recipe flows.

  • To do this, first, identify the variable you’d like to call (variables are case sensitive). For this example, we’ll take the variable ‘ name ‘.
  • To call the variable ‘ name ‘ in a sentence, simply place the variable between flower brackets, as such – ‘ {{ }} ‘.
  • Calling on the variable will look like ‘ {{name}} ‘ and the text will be highlighted blue to denote a variable in action.

How to integrate a variable in a Buttons/Slider block?

  • Go to block → Edit button → Use the option Set Variable


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