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Condition Block

The Condition Block is a powerful tool designed to enhance the bot-building experience on Verloop.io. It significantly makes the bot builder more self-serve, streamlining and simplifying bot management.

What is the Condition Block?

The Condition Block allows users to set conditions within their bot flows, enabling the bot to branch out according to specified criteria. This feature helps create more contextualised and personalised experiences for customers.

Benefits of Using the Condition Block:

  • Enhanced Self-Serve Capability: Empowers users to create and modify bot flows independently, providing personalised interactions based on user data without relying on technical support.
  • Streamlined Processes: Decreases the need for custom scripts and webhooks, simplifying bot management.

Creating the Condition Block

Accessing the Condition Block:

  1. Navigate to Bot Builder: Log in to the Verloop.io dashboard and navigate to Bot Builder section.

2. Add a New Block: In the recipe builder, click on “Add Block” and select “Condition Block” from the available options.

Designing the Condition Block:

  1. Define the IF Condition
    • Choose a variable from the list (e.g., visitor info, recipe variables, system variables, etc.)


  • Select an operator (e.g., equals, not equals, greater than, less than, contains).

  • Enter the value or select another variable to compare.

  1. Set Outcomes
    • Define what happens if the condition is true (e.g., proceed to a specific block).

    • If the condition is false, you can define the outcome in the else section. (e.g., proceed to an alternative block).
  1. Add Multiple Conditions

You can add multiple conditions defined by if – else if, and each condition can have multiple sub-conditions using logical operators like AND & OR. Each condition can lead to different flows based on the evaluation.

Managing the Condition Block

Editing Conditions

  • Modify Conditions: Navigate to the Condition Block you want to edit. Click on “Open in edit mode”  to use the edit mode to change variables, operators, and values.
  • Delete Conditions: Remove unnecessary conditions or entire groups of conditions if needed.

By following these steps, you can effectively create, manage, and utilise the Condition Block to enhance customer interactions and streamline various processes within Verloop.io. For more details, contact our support team at support@verloop.io.

Updated on July 8, 2024

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