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Add your team members

  • Go to Settings → Users → Create New User ( top right corner)
  • Send email invites to the members of your team that you need to add on the Verloop dashboard
  • Assign a role to the new members. Choose either one of the following based on the role you want to create:

    •  Admin
    • Agent
    • Manager
    • Business admin
    • User management admin

To bulk import user details and create new users:


  • Click Upload button
  • Download the User Addition excel template; fill it with required details
  • Drag & drop/browse this file with an updated user details; make sure the file is of excel (xlsx) format.
  • Once the list populates, select all the names for which you want to create users.
  • Ensure you have all the Departments present in the file matching the departments existing in your Verloop.io account. Else create the departments you require before uploading. 
  • Any department that does not exist, will not get created via this method
  • Before clicking upload check the Status against each name.
  • Also note, that we cannot:
    • Re-assign department or roles via this
    • Cannot assign

      Statuses explained:

      1. ‘Successful’ – If the uploaded user details are fresh and unique, you will be able to create a user successfully

      2. ‘Duplicate User’ – If the user details in the xlsx file already exists in your Verloop.io account, you will be able to see this warning

      3. ‘User already exists’ – If you try to upload the list even after seeing Duplicate User warning, you will be able to see this warning.

  • You can also click restart upload if you want to try again. 
  • Else click cancel.

To download user details:

Download next to the upload button and view the downloaded xlsx sheet.

The table below compares the abilities of the different members of the team.







Transfer chat

View self chats

View others’ chats

Add/modify team member

Modify Access

View Chat Statistics




Edit System Settings

Edit FAQ Settings

Create/Edit Recipe

View Reports

View Audit Trail

* The Admin role can be split into Business Admin and User Management Admin roles for your organization. To know more, please talk to your Customer Success Manager.

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