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Audit Trail

When it comes to security, being able to follow records back to their origins helps investigate what went wrong. And that’s exactly what the audit trail lets you do. It is a chronological record of events that provides documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have taken place at any given time. 

Only Admins and Managers can view the audit trail. 

How to view the audit trail? 

  1. Head to Settings > Chat > Audit Trail
  1. You can see the following details here:
    1. Time: what time an event was changed
    2. Email: the email ID of the person who made the change
    3. User type: the access level of the user
    4. Action: the activity that this person did
    5. Applied on: the chatroom ID this change was made on
    6. Current value: the new data that’s been added/edited
    7. Previous value: the data before the change was made
  1. You can export this data as an XLSX file. Click on the download icon button in the top right corner (above the table). You will get an option to:
    1. Export All Data
    2. Today
    3. Yesterday
    4. Last 7 Days
    5. Last 1 Month
    6. Custom Dates
Updated on December 27, 2022

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