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IP Whitelisting

Verloop.io follows the security best practices to ensure your data is safe. The whitelisting of an IP address is a cybersecurity technique that gives IT administrators control over who can access business systems and resources on the Verloop.io platform. IP whitelisting involves creating a list of trusted IP addresses, assigning them to a user or group of users as a unique identifier, and permitting the IP address on the target server only.

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W‍hy is IP whitelisting required?

Any system inside the third-party SaaS application can be set up to be accessed only by users with the organization’s IP address, whether they connect from a private corporate network or through a VPN gateway. Unknown entities trying to access the system from an unlisted IP address will be restricted.

What are the benefits of IP whitelisting?

  • Improved security: IP whitelisting enables blocking network-based attacks such as DoS, DDoS.
  • Simplicity. IP whitelisting enables literally any company to strengthen its network security, and it only takes a few steps.
  • Better Access Control. Whitelisting IP addresses is a very convenient technique for preventing unauthorized access to network resources.
  • Additional visibility and control over who accesses business resources.
  • Cost reduction. You don’t have to build your own infrastructure and still use a public Internet connection securely.

How to activate IP whitelisting in Verloop.io?

Since Verloop.io is a third-party SaaS application, often clients require IP whitelisting process to be in place to ensure the security of the system.

  1. Admins need to contact their customer success managers to turn on/off the flag from admin.verloop.io
  2. Once this is done, users will see a tab called ‘IP whitelisting’ in the settings section of the Verloop.io software. Only Admin will have the access to this. 
  3. Go to Settings > Account > IP Whitelisting. Admins can add the IPs here that are to be whitelisted. Multiple IPs can be added at once:
    1. separated with a comma, or
    2. range of IP can be added with a hyphen
  1. A basic check is in place for invalid IPs

What happens if someone login whose IP is not whitelisted?

When a user logs in whose IP is not whitelisted, the following error is shown.

The IP address can also be included in the error message if the flag named ‘Accounts_ShowIPInWhitelistingErrorMsg’ is on.

How to Remove the IP address from Whitelisting?

  1. The user can see a delete option against each whitelisted IP.
  2. When Admin clicks on the delete option against the respective IP, a pop-up with a confirmation to delete message appears.
  3. Post confirmation the IP would be deleted permanently.

Updated on December 27, 2022

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