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Team Access

Verloop.io allows you to invite your colleagues to use the platform and assign roles to them. Each role has different access levels. 

The different roles available on the Verloop.io platform are:

  1. Agent: The customer support representative that handles customer chats on the chatbots and helps them find solutions to their queries. 
  2. Admin: The admin profile gets full access to the Verloop.io platform.  
  3. Profile Manager: The profile manager can add new users to the Verloop.io platform. Profile managers can only access the Add User feature in the settings section. 
  4. Manager: The Manager profiles are agent supervisors who maintain chat quality. This profile gets access to only the Dashboards and Livechat sections. 
  5. Outreach Manager: The outreach manager profile is responsible for creating templates and triggering outreach campaigns. They have access to only the outreach section. 

The table below compares the abilities of the different members of the team.

 Agent  Manager  Admin  Outreach ManagerProfile Manager
Transfer chat
View self chats
View others’ chats
Add/modify team member
Modify access
View chat statisticsSelfAllAll
Edit system settings
Edit FAQ settings
Create/edit recipe
View reports
Manage Outreach
Create Template
View audit trail

* The Admin role (Custom*) can be split into Outreach manager and Profile manager roles for your organization. To know more, please talk to your Customer Success Manager.

Updated on March 21, 2024

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