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The basics of FAQ

Verloop is proud to have one of the most personalized and customizable FAQ backends in the market. Your bot can be an independent customer support agent, by fielding questions, clearing queries and recommending answers. In this article, we’re going to talk about the basics of how to use your FAQ function. 

You can access your FAQ database from your Dashboard.

Your FAQ’s are divided into categories for easy access and assortment. You can name, edit, add and remove questions from these categories as you’d like.

verloop customer support
You can add as many categories as you’d like.

In case you’d like the bot not to field these questions, you can enable (recommended for best results) or disable the FAQ functionality of the bot using the button on the page.


The bot’s willingness to answer is numerically represented by a “confidence level”.

If the confidence level is set as high, then the bot has tight restrictions on what it recognizes as a question, and will only answer questions that are verbatim (the exact same as in the FAQ).

If the threshold is set very low, then the bot will answer almost all the question asked of it and thus, may end up giving incorrect answers.

The ideal confidence level is somewhere in between – where the bot picks up on questions and keywords even if the question is phrased differently.

Experiment with the confidence level to find the ideal threshold for your recipe.

When asked a question during a flow, the bot isn’t stifled and simply answers the question and moves on to the next part of the recipe. So when the FAQ database is triggered during a recipe, i.e. when a user asks the bot a question during the flow, the bot answers the question that was asked of it and goes back to its block inside the recipe.

Here is a sample of a bot answering an FAQ during a recipe flow.

Recipe - FAQ Integration
Recipe – FAQ Integration

Add a healthy list of FAQ and other relevant queries and answers in the FAQ section for best results.

You can go through our other FAQ related articles to know more.

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