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Answer FAQs in any block (Question/Slider/Buttons)

We’ve also integrated the FAQ tool with other blocks in the recipe, so you can field questions during various parts of the bot flow.

Trigger FAQ from different blocks

The Question, Slider and Button blocks are now FAQ integrated, meaning if a customer asks a question when presented with any of these three flows, the bot can now tap into the FAQ database to answer their questions, further automating the customer service side function of the bot.

To activate the FAQ tool on any of these blocks, simply head to any of the blocks in your recipe, and under Advanced Options, you can click the box to enable or disable triggering the FAQ.

You can also choose a specific FAQ block to trigger, otherwise the bot defaults to the standard Recipe FAQ.

In our new and improved FAQ blocks, we’ve added various functionalities to better augment your customer support. In this article, we’ll go through these additions and some of the best practices to follow when using the FAQ tool.

To access your FAQ tool, simply head to the FAQ screen from your dashboard. Pick any of the categories you’d like to edit and begin. Add the questions you’d think your customers would ask. We recommend asking for multiple variations of a single question, so you cover all the bases and potential linguistic type forms.

image, text, other options

You can add different types of answers in response to these questions, namely text, images, URLs and links to blocks.

Text: The default setting for FAQ’s, you can add multiple answers if you choose to use text as the format for your answer. If you have multiple answers, the bot picks one at random when it is asked a question and alternates between the options. This makes the user experience feel more human, as the bot isn’t just constantly spitting out a singular answer.

Images/GIFs: You can also use images and GIF’s to answer questions from your customers. This can range from cheeky answers to questions like “are you human?”, or product queries, like “can you show me what the dress looks like in black?”. It is important to note though, for purposes of accuracy, you can’t have multiple images for a single block of questions. To enable images, make sure you don’t have any text answers and simply choose the image, under “response time”.

URL’s: Not all queries can be handled through the bot. Certain questions like, “do you have a video tutorial on how to sign up”, are better handled externally. Using URL’s, you can provide the resources required to better serve your customers, making your bot more independent of human assistance. The URL will show up as a button, whose text you can edit to say things like “click here”, or “this may help you”. When the button is clicked, the URL is opened in a new tab.

Link to block: Say someone says to the bot, “I’d like to speak to a human”. With the ability to link to a different block, you can smoothly handoff your customer to an agent without so much as a hitch. To enable a link to blocks, make sure you don’t have any text answers and choose “block”. It will give you a prompt to enter text, this will be the message the customer sees before he’s sent to the block. To complete the process, head over to your recipe page and under enabled FAQ, simply enter the FAQ category you made this change to and choose which block you want your customer to get sent to.


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