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Co-Pilot User Guide

Welcome to the Co-Pilot User Guide. This guide will walk you through the technicalities of using Co-Pilot.

Co-Pilot is a powerful tool designed to enhance the capabilities of customer service agents. It offers several key functionalities:

  • Recommending AI-generated responses for quick customer interactions.
  • Providing access to a centralised knowledge base to answer customer queries.
  • Delivering real-time Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to guide agents in their customer interactions.
  • Equipping agents with quick trigger actions(API calls) to expedite tasks such as returns, refunds, cancellations, and scheduling.

Using Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot operates with specific configurations:

1. Recipe Activation

Recipe Activation

2. Recipe Similarity

Recipe Similarity

The recipe for Co-Pilot aligns with our current recipe builder, mirroring the process for creating any other recipe. With the introduction of our Smart block, our recipes are more powerful than ever.

3. Tech Restrictions

No restrictions are required from the tech side other than marking a recipe to be used as a Co-Pilot when a customer recipe is running.

4. Chat Closure

These chats will also be closed when the room with the customer is closed.

5. Agent Assignment

Co-Pilot is exclusively accessible to the agent to whom the customer chat is assigned.

6. Transfers

During transfers between Agent A and Agent B, while in a queue, the chat involving Co-Pilot remains inaccessible.

7. Real-time Interaction

Incoming messages from the customer are promptly relayed to the Co-Pilot bot.

8. Bot Suggestions

Co-Pilot engages in real-time dialogue with the agent, proposing the next message, action, or relevant responses based on the evolving main chat conversation.

9. Agent Approval

When the agent accepts a bot suggestion, a single click on the Co-Pilot message is transmitted back to the customer chat, appearing in the message composer. The agent retains the choice to send or bypass sending the message to the customer.

10. Variable Access

Co-Pilot accesses all system variables, including recipe variables, custom variables, and system variables, collected during the initial customer conversation.

11. Transfer Continuity

In cases of transfers, the same bot and its entire conversation history are seamlessly accessible to Agent 2, ensuring a smooth transition.

12. Message History

Co-Pilot has access to comprehensive message archives, spanning interactions, as well as real-time exchanges between the agent and customer.

13. Quick Responses

Agents can effortlessly deploy quick responses recommended by Co-Pilot in their primary customer chat with a single click.

For any technical issues or further questions, please contact our technical support team at support@verloop.io.

Updated on January 23, 2024

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