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Live Chat Web Widget Setup

To create a better UI experience for customers to increase retention, onboarding and lead generation. It is a much faster, easier and lightweight widget for seamless integration to webpages.

Changes to the Live Widget and Messaging Section

1. New widget loader icon.

2. New Representation for welcome messages and sender details.

3. Customers can force close the conversation with the widget close interaction button.

4. New widget title and colour.

You can change the live widget and colour by going to settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

This setting is enabled on platform >settings >branding>widget

a. Update the live chat title (this will change the widget title)

b. Title background colour (This will change the theme colour and the background colour of buttons in the live chat)

5. The date when conversion is started is now available.

6. You can view the timestamp of the message from the bot is shown.

7. Rich media interaction is available.

  • URLs – preview to be shown, previews will be clickable
  • URLs being clickable
  • buttons clickable (support for bot builder message types)

8. Customer messages time stamp added.

9. Rich media interaction for customers. They can upload images and add links.

  • URLs will be clickable
  • Queue position information of the chat is shown to the end user.
  • Typing indicator for the customer for when the agent is typing.
  • Notification sounds

a. When a new message from a bot/agent.

b. When the first welcome message is shown.

    Updated on August 3, 2023

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