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Enhancing Customer Interactions: Real-time Tone Feedback in Live Chat

Welcome to our user guide for the new real-time tone feedback feature in the live chat section. 

This tool optimises LLM  to provide instant tone assessments for messages composed by platform users during customer interactions. 

This guide will walk you through the easy steps to use this feature effectively for maintaining positive customer conversations.

How It Works

When you’re crafting messages in the live chat, our AI works behind the scenes, analysing the tone in real time, with specific punctuations serving as cues.

 If your message is still a draft, the AI evaluates its tone, providing real-time feedback. If it’s already sent, rest assured there’s no redundant API call.

Recognized Tones Are:

1. Formal: Thorough, direct, respectful.

2. Informal: Conversational, akin to speaking to a friend.

3. Optimistic: Positive outlook for the future.

4. Worried: Conveys apprehension about the unknown.

5. Cooperative: Encourages collaboration.

6. Assertive: Confident, persuasive.

7. Real-time feedback is provided if a tone is recognized; otherwise, no feedback is shown.

Examples of Different Tones

1. Formal

“Thank you for reaching out. I’m here to assist with your inquiry.”

“Kindly provide your order number for prompt assistance.”


“Hey there! How can I help you?”

“Got your order number! Let’s see about cancelling it!”

2. Optimistic

“We’ll find the perfect solution for you!”

“We’re on track to resolve this positively.”

3. Worried

“We’re facing challenges, but we’ll overcome them.”

“We’ll tackle this uneasy situation head-on.”

4. Cooperative

“Let’s collaborate on a solution.”

“Our team is ready to help with app payment setup.”

5. Assertive

“Rest assured, our solution fits your needs.”

“Our proposal aligns perfectly with your requirements.”

6. Setting Brand Tone

Admins set a brand tone for user messages. If a message doesn’t match, the system suggests switching to the brand tone with a single click.

7. Additional Tone Options

Admins can add more tones to the co-pilot feature. They choose from a list for display on the message composer UI, aligning communication with the organization’s style.

Data Logging for Analysis

Logged data includes:

  • Chat room ID
  • Timestamp
  • Message
  • Predicted tone
  • AI tone change usage
  • Linked to existing AI tone feature table on Metabase.

Our real-time tone feedback feature empowers users for effective customer conversations. 

This feature is not available on the dashboard and is only available as per user request.

Reach out to us at support@verloop.io for more information. 

Updated on August 25, 2023

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