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Slider Block

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A slider block is used to show multiple images/cards to the user. You may use it to deliver your product catalogue in a horizontal scroll format, along with the text. Each image in the slider can have multiple buttons.

The buttons can lead the visitor to any block in your recipe. The bot waits for the response from the user before proceeding to the next block in the recipe.

Recipe – Slider Block

You can click on the Add new slide to add more media options.

Block Elements

1. Set Goal Button: Use it to set the goal of the block

2. Slide Icon: Represents slide block

3. Block Name: By default, the name is set as Slider, which you can change as per your choosing.

4. Information icon: On hovering will showcase the information of the block.

5. 3-dot menu: You can use it to start the bot flow, delete the block or duplicate the block

6. Upload Media section: You can add media like an image and gif in this section for that particular slide

7. Enter Title placeholder: You can enter the title of the media or slide here

8. Enter Description placeholder: You can enter the description of the media/slide here.

9. +Add Button: You can enter the value/action of the button, that you want customers to select and even configure it to a variable. You can add multiple buttons as per your choice by following the same steps.

10. Add New slide: This allows you to add a new slide.

11. Top Node: Gives a direction from where the flow is coming from

12. Down Node: To give direction for the next block.

Button Types

You can edit the button name that you want to be displayed and change its configuration settings by clicking on the button.

Button: In the above shown image, in the configuration settings, when you click on the Button, the button type will remain the same.

Web URL: Instead you want to connect a URL to the button, to navigate the user to a webpage, you can do that by clicking on Web URL in the general settings.

Add the URL in the “Enter URL” placeholder, and then click outside to save the change.


You can customise the button as per the variable also, but it can be done only if the button type is not changed to a web URL. You can add the variable by clicking on the variable drop down and even add a custom variable on the go.

Slider Settings

When you click on the settings button on the slider block, you can configure the following settings:

General Settings

In general settings, you can make the following changes.

Hide message box from Livchat widget: On switching the toggle on for this, it will restrict the users from typing in any message.

Allow users to talk to an agent: On switching the toggle on, the +Add transfer block button will become available. You can use this for connecting the slider block to an already existing transfer block or creating a new transfer block automatically. 

Advanced Settings

If the user does not select the given options but sends a different message instead, you can enter the invalid message that you want to be displayed in advanced settings.

In advanced settings, if you have enabled Webhook for the card, another option will be shown to add a dynamic API response to generate cards, as shown below:

On clicking the API response to generate cards checkbox, a dropdown option will appear to select the block for which you want to generate the API response as shown below. Learn more about generating dynamic responses via webhook here.

FAQ Settings

FAQ settings allow you to either enable the default FAQ by clicking on the toggle and the Use default recipe FAQ checkbox.

You can also custom-select question categories by clicking on the search categories drop down.

For some categories like a chatbot category, you need to link the block to the matching response as shown below, which will automatically pop the dynamic block and connect it to the side node of the slider block, as shown below. Also, the corresponding side node of the dynamic block will be connected to the selected block in settings.

Updated on September 13, 2023

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