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ChatGPT-AI Expand

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve incorporated Chat GPT into our processes!

We have added a new feature to our product, AI Expand, by incorporating ChatGPT’s Language Models for Dialogue. But before we understand how you can use it, let us first explain what it is.

About Verloop.io’s AI Expand

The amount of writing required for an agent is frequently underestimated. With so many messages flooding in, finding the right words and typing out full messages can be difficult. AI Expand will assist your customers in typing complete sentences and holistically type sentences with just one click.

Verloop.io’s AI Expand allows your agents to respond to customers with additional context and background regarding crucial information. This ensures seamless communication with customers and zero possibility of any gaps!

Why have we added AI Expand?

AI-Expand enables your customer service representatives to consistently expand words and phrases to respond to your customer with minimal writing effort.

They only need to type a few phrases and press the expand button to have grammatically correct sentences ready in no time.

Now that you know what features we’ll release, you may be wondering how they’ll benefit your business.

How to use AI Expand?

With minimal writing effort, expand words and phrases to provide a cohesive answer to your customer.

In the live chat messaging box, a button is shown below.

First, agents can type their reply to the customer as one or a few words.

Then go and click on the Expand button. On clicking the button, the bot will expand your content.

You can make changes to the message as required and post that you can send the message to the customer as usual.

Updated on February 23, 2023

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