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Best practices for building a Verloop Recipe

In an ideal world, your bot replicates your best salesperson. This requires some nuance, and we understand you must have a lot of questions about how to get the best out of your bot. We at the Verloop team have been building conversational interfaces for quite a while, so given below are some of our best practices that we recommend you use.

We’re serious about our commitment to guide you through every step.

How to start?

Just like an everyday conversation, your bot should also start with a simple question. This encourages your customers to take initiative to talk to the bot and have a conversation. A complicated or convoluted question or an immediate prompt for identification disincentivizes a potential lead from engaging with the bot.

The ideal questions are equal parts intriguing, and equal parts non-hostile. If you run a children’s clothing website, a prompt that says, “What is your child’s favorite color?” achieves this goal. It’s short enough question to engage the visitor and not difficult enough so as to confuse or demotivate him/her.

Use a Question Block to ask a question to your visitor. Check our article Build your own recipe to know more about using the blocks.

Set a default response:

Leaving your customer without a response tends to display bad form. Ensure that each message from your visitor is responded to by your bot. And also to keep the conversation going and filter your hot leads, make sure they are asked another question, so that the chat continues. This default response can be something as simple as ‘Gotcha’. Crisp and well thought responses make the conversation seem more personalized and your bot more likeable.

Use Button Responses:

Button responses allow you to give a set of multiple choice to your visitors, which they can use as an answer, thus making the conversation quicker. With this tool, your visitor has a more enhanced experience while on your website.

Verloop allows you to implement these buttons to ensure that the right people go through the right flow. This helps segregate leads based on various factors, like industry or purpose of visit, size of organization and hierarchical position.

We also like to suggest that email addresses of your visitors should be taken for future references. For more details check Name, Email and Phone Blocks in your Recipe Builder.

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